DOSCenter - A windows based tool to help you organize PC (DOS) games.

Download it: build 036 - Released June 2018 (app only)

Download .dat file: Daily build, usually Contains whatever we've done so far.

Download source code, MS visual c++ source


What is this?
This is a tool to help folks with large collections of DOS games be able to rename, sort, and weed out their collections.
It's a LOT like ROMCenter, but the focus was exclusively on PC games, not console ROMs. ROMCenter cannot properly handle PC based games, so this application was written to fill the gap.

* Zip file renaming based on .DAT file CRC matching *
Load in the above .dat file and have DOSCenter scan a folder of zip files. It'll figure out what file is the closest match to the known files based off The DOS Collection torrent work, and suggest a new name for you.
2x click on the zip file, and it'll show you in green what files match the files in the .dat file, what files are unknown (black) and what files you're missing (red).

* Zip merge utility *
Have files like highlighted in the picture above? merge them together with this tool. It'll even let you know if there are filename collisions in the multiple zips that might get lost if you merge them together.
* Zip file viewer/renamer * Scan a zip file against the .dat file. No matches? Then 2x click on the file and the zip contents are displayed. If there's an .nfo or .diz file, 2x click on that file and view it in the browser. if you see the name of the game there, highlight it and copy it into the clipboard. then on the left pane, highlight your file and select "rename from clipboard" to quickly and easily convert your old 8 character zip files into something more meaningful.