The Total DOS Collection

The Total DOS Collection is a curated archive of every DOS and bootable game ever made for the IBM PC and compatible systems.

The TDC strives to have every unique revision of every commercial, shareware, and freeware game ever produced for DOS-era IBM PCs and compatibles. We feel this history is worth preserving, not just for the nostalgic entertainment factor, but also as a valuable repository for game research, prior art legal searches, and as a historical and cultural record.

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Frequently-asked Questions

Q: How can I gain access to the collection?
A: The collection is not available to the public. Portions of the archive may be made available to scholars or researchers for academic purposes only.

Q: How can I gain access if I'm not a scholar or researcher?
A: You don't. We suggest you search for what you're looking for using your favorite internet search facility.